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Pastry Chef Spyros Pediaditakis

Pastry Chef Spyros Pediaditakis

How it all started

Born in 1990 and being a reckless spirit ever since a young age- not to mention an explorer of several forms of art- it was only a matter of time before Spyros Pediaditakis discovered his true passion. Having been raised in a family where hard work has always been a significant value, Spyros took very little time before taking his first professional step.

When he was just about 18, fascinated by the technique, precision and novelty of the art of Pastry, Spyros assumed his first professional post in «Varoulko Seaside» (1* Michelin), crafting and practising this art for the following 2,5 years. Entering the world of pastry was a particularly conscious decision and as a result, his professional course has been purposefully advancing ever since.

His career

Always ready and willing to delve deeply into pastry knowledge, Spyros was trained next to highly established teams in some of the best restaurants in the world, such as the George Blanc (3* Michelin) and the Epicure – Le Bristol (3* Michelin) in France, the Fat Duck (3* Michelin) in England and the Cheval Blanc – Le Trois Rois (3* Michelin) in Switzerland, where he was proposed to assume the position of Pastry Chef. However, his love for Greece led him to Spondi restaurant  (2* Michelin) in Athens, in 2016 where he became a Head Pastry Chef.

In 2019, he was awarded the title of Best Pastry Chef in the FNL Awards, followed by the Pastry Chef of the Year award in 2020, by Gault & Millau Hellas.

Spyros will never forget all the people who supported, guided and helped him discover his love for Pastry, and especially the renowned pastry chef, Themos Rigas.

Where you can find Spyros today.

Passionate about Pastry, Spyros is always experimenting and he absolutely loves working with different textures, flavours and techniques. His inherent curiosity and definitely his travelling abroad have helped him discover new methods and ingredients, develop his technique and find inspiration so as to create new recipes. 

With over a decade of experience and study in the Pastry business field, Spyros is providing a wide range of professional services to professionals and restaurants, including consulting, training and guidance services. As a Cacao Barry Chocolate ambassador, he never misses the chance to spread his love for chocolate.