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1. Prize

This competition features the prize of either online or in person attendance of a seminar hosted by pastry chef Spyros Pediaditakis (hereinafter referred to as “the Host”) for 3 winners after a random draw process which is set to be conducted on 28 February 2022. The seminar will take place at sometime during 2022 following communication with all winners and the pastry chef.

2. Competition period

The competition runs from 20/10/21 until 28/02/22.

3. Eligibility- Conditions

3.1  Eligible to participate in this competition is any real person over the age of 18 with legal capacity owning the book “Notebook:pastries for restaurants” via purchase. 

3.2 To enter the competition, all participants must do one of the following:

● Post an Instagram story with the photo of your “Notebook: pastries for restaurants” using  #NotebookSP and @Spyros_Pediaditakis and get 3 entries.

● Write a review on the website  and get 5 entries.

● If you do both of the above steps, you get 10 entries.

3.3 Each participant has the absolute and sole responsibility for submitting full and accurate personal information. The Host shall have the absolute and sole discretion to determine at any stage of the competition whether any participant should be disqualified by reason of false or inaccurate personal information.

3.4 The Host verifies the validity of entries and shall have the absolute and sole discretion to determine whether any participant should be disqualified by reason of failure to abide by these terms and conditions, bad faith, fraud or any other legal reason. 

4. Process- Draw

4.1 The random draw will take place on 28/02/2022 at noon (12:00 p.m). The winners will be selected through the process of random draw via the platform among all valid entries during the competition period. There will be a total of three (3) winners and a total of three (3) runners-up.

4.2 Winners will be notified via a direct message (DM) on their Instagram profile through which they have entered the competition. Winners will have to contact the Host within five (5) business days after the date of random draw. The names of the winners may be published on the Host’s website or any other media in accordance with term 5 (five) of the present terms.

4.3 In case contacting the winners within the stipulated period of 5 business days is not possible for any reason, or their entries are disqualified by reason of failure to abide by the present terms or in case the prize is denied or remains unclaimed, winners will be replaced by runners-up in high priority and based on the order they have been drawn.  After five (5) business days, the main winners’ right to accept the prize is forfeited and no claim can be put forward to the Host. In ten (10) business days after the winner announcement date, the runners’-up right to accept the prize is forfeited and no claim can be put forward to the Host. In case, for all aforementioned reasons, prize delivery to the runners- up is not possible, then the particular prize is canceled.

4.4 The prize/seminar is strictly personal and non-transferable. No cash or other alternative prizes will be offered.

4.5  The seminar will be held on a date named by the Host after having contacted the winners. In case neither a main winner nor a runner-up, for whatever reason, is in position of attending the seminar on the specific date and time, the seminar is canceled by the Host, who bears no liability.

5. Publicity

As a condition of entering this competition, each entrant licenses the Host to use their entry in any media for any reason including but not limited to marketing or publicity purposes. More specifically, audiovisual footage of the random draw or the winners attending the seminar may be released to the media as well as the names of the winners and accounts of their experience after the seminar has ended. Each entrant consents to the use of their personal information by the Host for aforementioned promotional activities and to the Host owning copyright expressly and without any compensation. Entrants must also declare that the present terms do not offend any aspect of their personality.

6. Modifying the terms

The Host holds the right to modify the terms, duration and offered prize of the competition during or after the competition has ended, and the right to transfer the draw date. Any alterations considered appropriate shall be submitted to a notary so as to guarantee full integrity of the process and will be announced through media releases and on the website

7. Participants in the present competition expressly accept and consent to the collection and use of their personal data, always under the Personal Data Protection Act (2472/1997). The Personal Data Archive shall be used by the Host so as to use it for the purposes of the competition- verifying information and purposes of similar nature- or for future promotional, marketing or publicity purposes regarding the Host’s products and services. The Host is not to disclose any personal data to any 3rd party, natural or legal.

In any case, participants’ personal data shall be kept in accordance with 2472/1997 as currently in force, with 3471/2006 and in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation. All participants hold the right to request, at any time and without any incurring charges, verification, modification or elimination of their personal data by contacting the Host via email at .

8. By participating in the present competition, you fully accept the terms and conditions mentioned above.

9. The competition terms are governed by Greek Law. Any dispute that may arise will be subject to the competent court of Athens, Greece.