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Terms of Purchase and Use
This site belongs exclusively to the Company under the name of Pediaditakis Spyros L.P.
with the distinctive title “S.P sweetproject L.P”, whose registered offices are at 40 Kritonos st.
16674, Athens, Greece, VAT number 801558253 (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”).
Any information or personal data you provide is processed in accordance with the Data
Protection Policies. By using this website you consent to the aforementioned information and
data being processed and you declare that all information and data you provide is true and
These Terms of Purchase and Use lay down the terms and conditions of the purchase of
products exclusively via the website (hereinafter referred to as
Any deviation from this Contract must be confirmed by the Company, while any other Terms
and Conditions are expressly excluded. All users entering and using the website services
consent and unreservedly agree to the Terms as set out here, without any exceptions.
Should any users not agree to these Terms, they are advised to refrain from using this eshop
and from performing any action on it.
1. Customer responsibility
All customers are responsible for selecting the desired product and for ensuring the
suitability of it.
2. Contract- Orders
(i) All information contained in these Terms and all details set out on this website do not
constitute a sale proposal but an invitation to get informed. No contract will be deemed to
have been drawn up between the two parties (the Company and you) regarding any
products unless your order has been expressly accepted by the Company. Should we not
accept your order and money has already been deducted from your bank account, the
amount shall be refunded in full.
(ii) To place an order you will be asked to follow the purchase process and click on “Payment
Approval”. You will then receive an email confirming that your order has been received
(“Order Confirmation”). Please bear in mind that this does not ensure that your order has
been accepted, since this only constitutes a suggestion of (one or more) product purchasing
to you. All orders are accepted by us and this acceptance is confirmed by an email
confirming that the product has been shipped (“Shipping Confirmation”). The contract for the
purchase of a product (“the Contract”) will be considered concluded only after we have sent
you the Shipping Confirmation.
(iii) The Contract will only apply to products whose shipment has been confirmed via the
Shipping Confirmation email. The Company has no obligation to supply you with any
products that may be part of your order, unless a separate Shipping Confirmation ,
confirming the shipping of forementioned products, has been sent to you.

(iv) Prices shown on our website include VAT and are subject to change at any time without
any notice.

3. Order Cancelation
Orders can be canceled at any time before completion, by calling +302114154346 or via
email at Depending on the order status, we will inform you
about the available options.
4. Shipping and Delivery
(i) Products can be shipped to the entire territory of Greece and will be delivered to any
location designated by you when filling out the Order Form, via a courier company. Shipping
cost is free for orders within the region of Attica, 5€ across Greece and 7€ to Cyprus.
Shipping cost for the rest of EU countries is 15€. All shipping costs include VAT. Please note
that there is no shipping option for non-EU countries.
(ii) For the purposes of the present Terms, “delivery” will be deemed to have taken place and
the order will be deemed to have been delivered when you or a third party designated by
you, other than the carrier, have acquired physical ownership or control of the products,
which will be evidenced by the signing of the receipt of the order at the agreed delivery
(iii) The Company will make every effort to complete your order for the product or products
listed on the Shipping Confirmation within five (5) working days (Monday to Friday) across
Greece and nine (9) working days to any other destination. However, the Company is not
liable for inability to deliver products, including but not being limited to cases indicated below
(Term 6), within the designated time period.
5. Risk transfer and Product Ownership
Responsibility for the products is transferred to you once you or a third party designated by
you, other than the carrier, have acquired physical ownership or control of the products.
Ownership of products passes into your hands either with the full collection on our part of all
amounts due in relation to the products or upon their delivery if it takes place after payment.
6. Events of Force Majeure
The Company will not be held liable for any failure to fulfill or delay in the execution (delivery
included) which has been caused by events not subject to our reasonable control or events
of Force Majeure. In this case, the Company has the right to extend the estimated time.

Such events may include, but not be limited to: Strikes, terrorist attacks,
supply/shipping/production problems, currency fluctuation, acts/decrees/laws/regulations or
government restrictions or natural disasters. Should such events last more than 2 months,
this contract may be denounced by any contracting party without compensation.

7. Return Policy – Consumer rights
You have the right to return any purchased products without penalty or giving any reasons
for the return, within fourteen (14) calendar days. In this case you will be charged with the
direct cost of returning the products. Product packages should include payment receipt or
invoice and should not be unsealed or tampered with, otherwise return is not possible.
Returns shall be accepted provided:
– You contact our eshop the same or the following day.
– Products are in the same condition as when you received them, without their
package being unsealed or tampered with.
– Products are accompanied by payment receipt or invoice.
Should you desire to return products purchased on our eshop, you should provide us with
written notice at, adding “Product Return Request” as the
subject, until the valid deadline as mentioned above. You should also mention the
date/number of receipt or invoice, as well as any reason for return if you wish to include one.
Provided you receive written return approval, all products are to be returned at 35 Glafkonos
str, 11632, Athens, Greece.
To avoid any discomfort, you are advised to carefully inspect all purchased products upon
delivery, to ensure they are tamper-evident and non-defective. In case you come across a
defective product, please contact our eshop upon delivery, on the same day or the following
working day ( +302114154346/
To prevent actual faults or lack of guaranteed properties, products for sale are subject to
Greek Civil Code provisions. For a property to be considered guaranteed, both parties
should certify it as such in writing. If you decide to return the purchased products, a money
refund will be carried out within 30 days from the day the products return to us,always
depending on your selected method of payment and the selected way of return. This
contract does not affect any consumer right provided for by law whatsoever.
8. Copyright
You acknowledge and agree that all copyrights, trademarks and all other copyrights in
relation to all material and content provided as part of the website are at any time owned by
the Company or its licensors. You are allowed to use this content only to the extent expressly
approved by the Company or its licensors. This does not prevent you from using this website
so as to make a copy of your order or the details of the Contract.

9. Modifying the existing Terms
The Company reserves the right to revise and modify these Terms at any time. Any
modification or revision is implemented from the moment the existing contract is updated in
relation to any changes. Should any part of this contract prove to be inapplicable or invalid
by court decision, the remainder of this contract remains valid.
10. Law and Jurisdiction
This contract is governed by the European and Greek Law, especially all statutes regulating
e-commerce, distance selling and consumer protection, and will be subject to the exclusive
jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.
Terms of use
Welcome to our company website.
By using our website, you agree with the following terms which you are advised to read
thoroughly. Any kind of software available for downloading through this server is owned by
the Company under the name of Pediaditakis Spyros L.P. with the distinctive title “S.P
sweetproject L.P”, whose registered offices are at 40 Kritonos st. 16674, Athens, Greece,
VAT number 801558253 (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”).
1. Any use of such documents through this server is exclusively limited to informative and
non-commercial purposes or limited to personal use and no documents are to be copied,
uploaded on other computer networks or distributed through other media.
2. Documents are subject to no kind of interference whatsoever. Any other use is strictly
prohibited by law and is liable to strict civil and criminal penalties. Violators will be
The Company does not in any way declare that all information contained in the documents
and/or any published announcements on this server suit all purposes. All product
descriptions, information and material on this website are provided “as is” and without any
further warranty of any kind.
The Company is not to be held liable or obliged to compensate customers in relation to any
loss or moral damage deriving from the inability to provide Support Services.
You are free to make use of the website in accordance with the
law and the principles of morality. The Company shall not perform any kind of alteration,
correction or intervention on the data you provide. When filling out the online communication form, you are kindly requested to complete the following with valid information: name,
address, email address. The use of the Company website is subject to the Greek and
International Law; you are therefore advised to refrain from using this website if you wish to
violate these laws.
Users’ responsibility
Users agree and are bound not to use the eshop so as to:
1. send, publish, email or in any other way transmit illegal content of any kind, or content that
illegally offends and harms the Company or any third party or infringes the right to
confidentiality and privacy of any person,
2. send, publish, email or in any other way transmit content of any kind offending moral or
social values or minor citizens etc.,
3. send, publish, email or in any other way transmit content of which users have no right to
disclose according to the law or valid contracts (for example insider information, proprietary
or confidential information, acquired or revealed as part of employment relationships or
confidentiality agreements),
4. send, publish, email or in any other way transmit any content violating patents,
trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or any other third party proprietary rights,
5. send, publish, email or in any other way transmit any kind of malicious software,viruses,
codes,files or programmes designed in order to terminate, harm or destroy any software
operation or computer hardware,
6. deliberately or unintentionally violate current legislation and provisions,
7. in any way harass a third party,
8. collect or store personal data of other users.
Users also agree that all members, partners, employees, administration, shareholders and
any other kind of associates are not to be held responsible for any issues that may occur
due to third-party website activity. Besides any civil penalties, any kind of use against the
aforementioned will lead to the immediate termination of provided services at no notice.
The website includes material, trademarks and other content owned by the Company and
protected by law. All website content (including texts, graphics, pictures, photographs and
software) is owned by the Company as copyright and is protected by Greek and International
legislation. Users are under no circumstances allowed to copy, reproduce or transmit this
material without having obtained written consent by the Company. Its presence on the
website is not to be interpreted as permission or right to use.

Limitations of Liability
By using this site you agree that you undertake responsibility for this use. The Company
shall make every effort to provide high quality services, however it cannot guarantee that
there will not be any disruptions or errors. Our website may contain links to other websites
and resources provided by third parties. These links are provided for informational purposes
only and their content is in no way under our control. Therefore, we take absolutely no
responsibility for the content, products and services offered on these websites. The
photographs of products are strictly indicative.
Law in effect
This website has been created and is controlled by the Company in Athens and is governed
by the Greek legislation. Should you choose to access our website from a different country,
you are to obey the laws of this country. All terms mentioned above constitute a full
agreement with the Company, which holds the right to update both content and
aforementioned terms without any notice.
Confidentiality agreement
This confidentiality agreement refers to the website of the Company
( When you submit an online request, the information you
provide is used only in order for your request to be replied to. All online requests and
correspondence are considered confidential. No content is distributed except to any party
directly concerned, upon request or should we consider the message content prejudicial. It is
important that we follow such a course of action so as to protect our rights and our property,
protect ourselves against malicious or unauthorized use of our website, as well as protect
our personal safety or our users’ property. If you provide us with false information or attempt
to commit identity theft when providing personal information online, all this information, as
well as the IP address, will form part of any investigation.
Transaction Security
The Company understands the importance of personal data and online transaction security
and has therefore taken all necessary measures, using all the latest and most advanced
technologies, to ensure maximum protection. All information concerning users’ personal data
is considered strictly confidential. The website uses an SSL
protocol to ensure secure online transactions. In this way, all your personal data, including
your credit card number, your name and your address, is encrypted and protected from
being accessed or altered during online data transfer.